Thursday, March 01, 2007

Loose Id offered me a contract!!!

Yay!!! This time, for my book in The Collector series. I'm thinking to call it "Love Cure". All the books in the series can be found here:

Here's a short introduction to my offering in the series:

The Collector offers Marianne a desperate chance, a slim hope for a cure - a statuette purported to possess healing powers - with one condition: She must retrieve it together with Nicholas Trent, the man who'd stolen her heart and crushed it beneath her feet, a man who'd left without a word of goodbye seven years ago.

Nicholas aches to hold his violet-eyed beauty once again, but he can't blame her for hating him. The ache in his soul intensifies when he heard she had a son, and he concluded that she must be married. He agonizes over losing her, but how can he tell her that he'd turn into a blood-sucking vampire, that leaving her then was the best thing he could do?

As Marianne and Nick journey to retrieve the statuette and they battle the attraction that still flares up between them, events unfold in ways they never imagined, and never could they have known that a final betrayal is waiting for them...


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